Top 10 Insta worthy spots in Ludlow

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Written byLGL_Admin

Beautiful, medieval Ludlow has been inspiring poets and writers for eons. Our Insta community is also captivated by our atmospheric market town.

One of the best descriptions of Ludlow comes courtesy of author, Phil Rickman, in his cracking thriller, Smile of a Ghost, (an LGL book club read). He writes of Ludlow: “An island in amber. A small town with an antique lustre and a bigger history than the whole of Herefordshire.”

Ludlow thrives on visitors to our medieval town drawn by a combination of history, scenic views and fabulous eateries. So where are the best places of beauty in and around Ludlow according to the Insta universe?

1. Dinham Bridge, view of the river Teme and CSONS popular Green Café beneath the Ludlow castle ruins, wonderful in any weather but nothing like seeing this sparkling view against a canvas of bright blue sky

2. Ludlow Castle, for years school children have rocked up to this medieval ruin on school trips only to remember it years later at the mention of the town. Tourists and history lovers too beat a path to the castle door precisely for views like this

3. Whitcliffe Common, a spectacular view across the crown of Ludlow and up and over to the tip of the Titterstone Clee garners likes regularly. It’s a popular spot just on the outer edge of town, on the road to Mortimer Forest. One of LGL’s favourite views is seeing it against a rising sun. Well worth a visit.

4. Angel Lane, take a peek down this quirky side lane just off Broad Street in Ludlow. Behind the pastel hues are a mix of residential houses and commercial businesses — a bit of an oasis from small town hustle and bustle as fashion blogger Charlene at Cups of Couture finds

5. Captured here by foodie blogger, Jenny Chandler, Harp Lane Deli has a front-on view of Ludlow’s market square. Happy customers emerge from this photogenic deli and in a recent LGL column, its director, Henry Mackley, offers a fresh behind-the-deli-counter perspective

6. High Vinnalls, Mortimer Forest at the top of Climbing Jack Trail is this viewing platform that in Spring becomes a carpet of bluebells. It’s hard work the trail but you are well rewarded with the lushness of bluebells and a panoramic view across Shropshire Hills

7. St Laurence’s Church, Cathedral-like this spectacular church with its omniscient tower rising above the town in photos from Whitcliffe. It truly is a sight to behold. An if you’re willing to climb 200 steps and pay a small fee, the bird’s eye view from the tower is well worth it.

8. Feathers Hotel, looks like a dollop of confection. This medieval black and white building invites nostalgia and welcomed weary travellers from 1619 until it closed its doors in 2018. This Grade I iconic building is quite literally being given a new lease on life in the hands of new owners. Whatever its next phase, the Feathers will always draw the tourist’s eye.

9. Yellow timbered Tudor house graces the end of Corve Street and is one of the more than 500 listed buildings in Ludlow and a visual stunner

10. Corner view from the Buttercross a landmark building overlooking Broad Street and takes in one of Britain’s oldest stores, Bodenhams, which is decidedly modern in its retail offerings. The Buttercross stands at a site that represents the centre of the town and houses the Ludlow Museum


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