Shakespeare returns to Ludlow Castle

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Written byLGL Editors

Flabbergast Theatre are back by popular demand with their version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Ludlow Castle. There will be daily performances from Saturday, 17 June – Saturday, 24 June.

If you haven’t seen outdoor theatre before, the organisers of Ludlow Fringe think you’ll be delighted that it’s set on the historic grounds of the castle. So you can picnic before the show in the outer bailey, be entertained by the fairies and then follow them into the inner bailey for the performance. This year the performers will be on a raised stage ensuring everyone has a good view of the show.

Flabbergast Theatre

Flabbergast Theatre are coming again this year with their version of the Shakespeare play, which embraces the modern audience, staying loyal to a classic but approaching it in a refreshing and visually beautiful way.

You might ask, why update a classic?

Inclusivity: Young children can access Shakespeare, and a new generation of theatre-goers is born.

Relatable: The characters, the plot, and the messages of the play are so much more understandable for modern audiences.

Picnic with the fairies

This year the Fringe will be staging a picnic area in the outer bailey of Ludlow Castle before each show. This will be part of the immersive experience for audiences to enjoy as the actors and other local performers move through the audience to set the scene for the main show.

The picnic “pre-performance” will build to a crescendo where all of our performers and the audience will parade through an archway and over the castle moat, which will leave everyone feeling that they are being drawn into a mystical land where the characters of the play reside.

Other performances

Flabbergast Theatre will also be running drama and theatre prop creation classes for local schools and organisations, the outcomes of which will feature as part of the archway to the mystical land with fairytale facets and a plethora of twinkly lights.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Ludlow Fringe if you are a local school or organisation wanting to participate.


Local hosts are needed!

The performers for our shows often need accommodation. If you can help at all, in any way, please get in touch:

Stewards needed!

We also need stewards for ALL events.

To find out more, get in touch: