Quick wins in a tough business climate

3 minute read
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Written byClaire Hunte

It’s a somewhat challenging business environment today. A recent survey of the local businesses on our business directory, Let’s Go Local, highlighted some of the more pressing issues they face include the cost of living, rising inflation, increased business rates and finding staff.

However, tough times are when we can be innovative and build resilience. In honour of International Women’s Day we’ve  invited a few of our female service providers including our co-founder, Lucy, to give one top tip on how to navigate a rockier business climate – no matter your sector.


“Get your goals out of your head and down on paper in order to figure out what you need to make them happen. When I was running my B&B, I was guilty of having a wishlist in my head of things I’d like to happen for my business, without actually getting my goals down on paper and figuring out what I needed to do to make them happen. But by setting goals, writing them down and deciding what actions you need to take, you’re far more likely to actually turn them into reality.”

Contact Karen Thorne, owner of Bed and Breakfast Academy, for online training and advice on how to set up, buy, run and market a successful B&B


“To attract the best candidates, consider offering flexibility in hours or working arrangements such as start and finish time or a four-day work week. Also, consider allowing work from home, say two days per week.”

Contact Julia Hughes, Managing Director, Working Solutions, for your recruitment needs.


“Make sure you are contactable. Are your website, Facebook page and Instagram profile details correct and up-to-date? And be sure to promptly reply to any enquiries, ideally on the same day. A little more advanced – is your website getting any traffic? How would you know? By looking at your Google Analytics.”

Contact Melissa Critchley, owner of Wildcurrant, for Website Building, Digital Marketing Training, SEO and Social Media Management.


“Save time, plan ahead and aim for quality over quantity. Think about your customer and what they want to hear from you. Don’t forget to engage with other local businesses, like their posts, offer positive comments and share posts that are not just about you and your business. And don’t forget to say thank you if someone posts about you.”

Contact Lucy Cook, Co-founder of Let’s Go Ludlow and Social Media Coach, by email at lucy@letsgosocialmedia.com, for a social media audit and coaching sessions.

These small quick wins for recruitment and marketing are easy to implement and can make an immediate difference to your business. When you are a business owner or self-employed, it feels easier to get your head down, plough on with your core offering, and leave networking, marketing, and promotion to the side when you have more time.

However, these three areas are essential to future growth and deliver measurable value. So, we encourage businesses to join platforms like our Let’s Go Local directory to take advantage of social media and editorial promotion activities locally, regionally and nationally. To help with the heavy lifting of marketing, consider using as many relevant digital platforms as possible. 

Register your business on the Let’s Go Local directory starting at £3.99. And do head over to the International Women’s Day site to learn more about this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity