Point2 Guides: The Haws Hill Circular Walk

5 minute read
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Written byAndy Stevenson

The Haws Hill Circular Walk | 4.6 Miles | >2.0hrs 

This time Andy Stevenson of Point2 Guides takes us out for a walk in Worcestershire via Tenbury Wells. One of his most popular downloaded walks, Andy describes it as a ‘moderate’ walk, with a reasonable hill in the middle of it. But pre- and post-hill are quiet country tracks, minor lanes and footpaths across meadows.

Starting point

  1. We begin at the little (free) car park on Oldwood Common WR15 8TF. Head back towards Oldwood, cross the road then take a right on to Spring Grove Lane. Take care crossing this road. Go through gates either side of Spring Grove (house). Take a right after the house down to the stream left of ‘Old Smokey’ the abandoned farm cottage.
    Looking down over the Teme Valley from the lower slopes of Haws Hill on it’s ascent after Frith Farm. Photo: Point2 Guides
  2. Go over 2x stiles and a footbridge then bear left to corner of next field and a stile. Pass Curral Hall, bear left after into field, go to bottom left corner and over the stile. Follow field edge along to right turn on bridleway down through the wood. Continue on open track, then turn left on bridleway up to top left corner of another wood.
    Haymaking in fields at the top of Haws Hill Photo: Point2 Guides
  3. Come up out wood over a sheep field to a gate. Continue through and turn right once you reach Frith Farm around its edge. Turn left once you reach the bridleway going uphill over fields up the hedge line towards the woods.
    Walking over to the sheepfold/hut after the Haws Hill summit. Photo: Point2 Guides
  4. Continue up to gate in the wood. After the gate turn right diagonally uphill through woods. Continue until path exits the wood. Turn left here and then look left to see the gate for the bridleway. Turn right and follow along the edge of the field to another gate. Turn right here and (depending on crop) walk around field edge or ahead through if a path is visible. Follow to the ruined hut ahead on your right. Go through gate by the hut, keep right on fence line until you reach the gate with pointer arrow.
    The view looking down after the top of Haws Hill as you start to descend. Photo: Point2 Guides
  5. Go through gate and downhill to track that leads to Birchley Farm. Go through farm to Bockleton Road. Turn left here uphill and then down into the dip of the road.  Do take care walking along this road.  Turn right on to track by footpath post and follow along, up and around to the right then down to the left to a junction of tracks.
    Descending after the top of Haws Hill down towards Birchley Farm Photo Point2 Guides
  6. Head straight ahead on track into Cinders Farm. Turn left at first barn and follow footpath down towards the Canmore brook, turn right before the bridge across field to stile on Cinders Lane, turn right on lane.
    Ancient graffiti found on the old wooden barn at Cinders Farm (now converted into residences). Photo: Point2 Guides
  7. Continue on the lane back to Oldwood Common, your starting point and car park. Do take care walking along this road.

Post-walk refreshments

The long stay car park is a short walking distance from the town centre and depending on the time of day, there are a number of options for a quick bite to eat. 

But just 5 minutes away from the car park is a lovely 17th century black and white country pub, The Fountain Inn, which does both lunch and dinner.

Download route map

Step-by-step directions are available at Point2 Guides:
https://payhip.com/b/jQZe or find other guides at http://www.point2guides.com