Local sports clubs to join before spring

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Written byClaire Hunte

Let’s hear it for spring 2022 and getting our bodies moving. That dawn chorus we now hear says the birds are getting busy ahead of official spring time and so should you. If you had a great start to the year doing some activity, and have simply lost your mojo because of determinedly damp weather, or if you just haven’t gotten started, here’s a list of fun, inspiring sporty things to get you fired up.

Get in before Wimbledon – play tennis

Ludlow Tennis Club
It’s pure sport at Ludlow Tennis Club Photo: Picturegrafix (LGL)

Tennis is as gorgeous a game to play as it is to watch. In the spirit of giving things a go, if you’ve never played before or the length of time since you’ve held a racket is in the double-digits, we can highly recommend coaching lessons through the Ludlow Tennis Club. The tennis courts are also in a lovely setting, sitting just below the castle walls. A big advantage is you can play year round and in the evenings. It’s a very friendly approachable and social club with quite a few coaches and if you don’t want to commit to full membership while you’re learning there are options available. More experienced players will welcome having more people to have a game with.

Bonus: Social activities throughout the year.

Need to know: Contact the Ludlow Tennis Club to learn how to join in the fun. Coaching enquiries: Josh Price at josh@inspire2coach.co.uk or phone Richard Tennant, Head of Performance, 07815445092

For the kids: Ludlow Tennis Club caters to a range of ages with a number of coaching packages during term time through Inspire2Coach for under 11s, age 11-18 and 18 to 25. There are also tennis camps during the holidays to keep kids busy and active. Membership is required in order to comply with insurance and safety requirements but a family package membership means the whole family can enjoy.

Best time to begin running? Now!

fun runners
Dressing up for a fun run! Photo credit: Ludlow Parkrun

Running is the perfect activity because you can just pull on your shoes and head outdoors anytime you like. You can run on your own sure, but there is a lot to be said for feeling the burn in a group and luckily Ludlow has two great options: Ludlow Runners – Ludlow Running Club and the Ludlow Park Run (every Saturday morning). If the urge to go for a run waxes and wanes and you need a bit of encouragement to just do it, sign up to either activity.

In addition to motivation, there are many pluses to a running club including: helping you to ramp up your performance level with the coaching available; like tennis, there is the social dimension and if you’re looking for a heart healthy fitness regime or to lose weight, running fits the bill. Ludlow Running Club member, Laura Perratt, assures us that “there’s something for all abilities…and the club is very much open to newcomers.” There are walk-to-run sessions, training evenings cover speed work, hills, reps, stretches and a cool down, which sounds like a proper workout. All of this for a small annual fee of £18.00. So, no more excuses, it’s time for a run.

Bonus: It’s mostly free (small fee for joining the running club of £18 annually)

All the deets to know: Ludlow Running Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm all weather)
Open to 18+
For membership information contact the Running Club

Ludlow Park Run timed 5k in Mortimer Forest every Saturday at 9am (check website and register before you go)

For the kids: Absolutely! There is a Junior membership open to those age 9-17.

Golf – time to turn pro

golf course
How green is our golf course? Photo: Ludlow Golf Course Country Club

It may be time for something a little different — golfing. It’s not as expensive as you may think, but you’ll need to consider investing in golf clubs and then a membership fee is required. It’s not an activity one takes lightly. The recommendation for beginners is to find a practice range like the Grove Golf Driving Range near Leominster. You can always get a bit of support with honing your skills. There are groups catering to all levels and women and men can organise their own competitions and games. The Ludlow Golf Course & Country Club has a practice range and it offers a trial 3-month membership. The club is the county’s oldest and it’s in a striking spot, a few minutes outside Ludlow, next to the Ludlow Racecourse.Ludlow Golf is a diverse and inclusive club, where there are a range of memberships available for all to take part.  It is open all year round, whatever the weather!  If you are interested in playing or just learning a bit more about what the club can offer, pop in and chat to the PGA Professional, book lessons or use the practice range. Like every activity in our area, you’ll find friendly, helpful people welcoming newcomers, reach out and make contact. Do say, “Golf is the greatest game”. Don’t say, “Go on, take a swing”.

Bonus: Looking stylish (golf-gear wise naturlich!) while being active

Need to know: Slightly daunting prospect but if you are genuinely interested in learning help is at hand. Enquire about the Ludlow Golf Club Academy for Ladies, Gents, Seniors and Juniors and the range of memberships available. Email the Ludlow Golf Course & Country Club secretary, secretary@ludlowgolfclub.com or call 01584 856285.

Cycle to greatness

bicycle team
Photo: Ludlow Cycling Club

Bonus: If you are a keen downhill cyclist, you are in the right location with spectacular downhill runs on our doorstep in Mortimer Forest or within commuting distance. Bike shops do list events, take a look at: Epic Cycles and Pearce Cycles and

Need to know: For great advice on cycling for children and adults go to Isla Bikes.

Best of all the rest

There are plenty of other forms of physical activity to boost happiness and self esteem and increase endurance:


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