Stay and walk: Wilde Lodge, Knighton

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Written byLGL Editors

Wilde in name, wilde in nature! It’s no idle boast that Wilde Lodge — a scant 15 miles from Ludlow — sits in some spectacular scenery encompassing rolling hills, surrounded by woodland and open fields with the idyllic river Teme wending its way through the valley below this gorgeous accommodation. Tourists have the choice of staying at the impressive Lodge accommodation, a four-bedroom house, with 3 beautiful garden bell tents.

The result is that visitors, who come to stay, have a wide range of walks to choose from whether it’s a chilled, meandering walk through to more challenging treks.

Time to get wild - Wilde Lodge, Knighton

Time to get wild – Wilde Lodge, Knighton

Jemma, owner of Wilde Lodge, shares an easy 3-mile loop, nicknamed ‘the bat hotel loop’ (the roots of the moniker is revealed below) which takes in some of the breathtaking valley views, through dappled Bucknell woods and, bonus, it’s flatter terrain! There’s also the option to have a picnic or a swim if the weather is agreeable.

The Loop:

  • Follow the fence line to the left of the drive and head through the gate at the end of the field, down the side of the Motte-and-bailey mound and over the small bridge on your left.
  • Crossing over the river Teme (which is a perfect spot to have a wild swim in the summer), continue straight towards the railway line, over the stiles following the track up towards Weston cottage (the black and white house).
Run by Jemma and family, love finishing a walk with hot chcolate by the river.jpeg
  • Cross straight over Weston Rd and stick to the track on your right which will take you up around a farmhouse. (For the walkers seeking a longer hike, take the left track through the farmyard and head up onto Stowe hill, for some really magical views looking toward Knighton.) The right track will continue for about a mile, along a lane and then into sheep fields. Dogs are always welcome, just make sure they are on a leash through the farm/fields.
Teme River running along the 'bottom of the garden'.jpeg
  • Do turn around occasionally and soak in the beautiful views of the valley. The track slightly forks in the sheep field, but if you stick to the right you will see a fence line which borders the woods.
The views up towards Stowe Hill.jpeg
  • Nestled in the fence line on your right is a public footpath and stile, easy to find in winter and spring, but might take a little exploration in summer to discover. As you climb over the stile you will find yourself on a little path which takes you up past Cwm Cottage, a derelict farmhouse which has been turned into a sanctuary for Lesser Horseshoe bats.
  • Continue along the path through the bat reserve and you will find yourself in Bucknell woods. If you feel like extending your walk, head upwards on the left and explore various different walking tracks or, if you are into mountain biking, it is also the perfect place to find some great trails.
Wilde Lodge with beautiful backdrop.jpeg
  • To continue on the loop, stick to the lower paths on the right for a mile through the woods which will lead you back to Weston Rd (about 0.75 miles up from the railway crossing), turn right along Weston Rd, pass by Cubbage Cottage and continue on until you find yourself back at Weston Cottage.

Jemma says she and her family have often concluded this walk with a little fire on one of the pebble beaches along the river, complete with marshmallows and hot chocolate. For families with smaller children not quite up for a 3-mile walk, there are plenty of adventures to be had along the river.

Bookings are welcome from single households from both Wales and England from the 12 April or according to Welsh and UK government guidelines.