Daisy’s diary: Ludlow Springtime under lockdown

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Written byLGL_Admin

Such a strange time in our lives as we are locked down with Covid-19 spreading throughout the world.  We are all wondering how life is going to be and what is going to change, and, quite frankly, I think it will be everything.

It’s lovely in Ludlow in Spring

It’s lovely in Ludlow in Spring

One thing that is a true constant is the changing of the seasons, but, can changing be a constant?  I think so, when it comes to the regular cycle of spring, summer and so on.

A day or two after the Spring equinox our new life of lockdown was announced.  I can’t help but feel that this is a consolation, spring is a hopeful season, things emerging from the winter, new shoots growing.

Daisy amongst the dandelions

Daisy amongst the dandelions

The colours of spring are amongst my favourites; the intense neon green of the new leaves and luminous yellow hues of daffodils and forsythia, and for the past few weeks amazingly intensely blue skies.

There is an old saying, ‘blue and green should never be seen except with beauty in between’ and I think Spring illustrates this beautifully; the intensity of the blue skies over the bright luminous green leaves and vividly yellow flowers.  This Spring seems more intoxicating than ever, perhaps more focus due to lockdown, or is it really more beautiful this year? Or, maybe it’s the lockdown wine?

Spring Daisy 2.jpg

Thanking my lucky stars I found Ludlow

I feel so very fortunate to live in Ludlow during this strange time, the town itself is so beautiful, the surrounding walks, and the nearby blue hills, fields of green and impossibly yellow rape.  Daisy and I take advantage of our allowed time for exercise and really enjoy long, lazy walks along the river, or up into Mortimer Forest, and every day I thank my lucky stars I found this lovely town.

I think having lived in Kenya for so long I’d forgotten the impact of the seasons on life as the years march along. But in reality, the sheer determination of Spring to carry on is inspiring and hopefully will carry us through this very strange and unsettling time.

As the days pass more leaves appear, glorious lush clumps of blossom on cherry trees, and apple trees.  The weather is incredibly fair and I really can’t help but feel that our green and pleasant land is enjoying a refresh under lockdown.  I hope and pray that scientists will soon learn more about this virulent virus that will perhaps lead to us all coping more easily.


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