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There’s a good reason why we should do exercise particularly during lockdown. Adam Hawkey, associate professor at the School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences, Solent University says that not only is “being sedentary is bad for your physical and mental health”, but that staying active during this difficult period is important “because it helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol”.

Physical activity according to Hawkey can “help to keep your immune system working effectively, helping the body fight infection.”

If you don’t have outdoor space or you want the benefits of a full workout, there are a few online options offered by local experts including one-2-one training. Personal trainers Andy Silvey, Andy Hackney and Ben Barnfield tell LGL about the programmes they are running and how they are motivating Ludlow folk to stay fit and trim during lockdown.

1) Who are your classes aimed at? What age group / experience?

Andy Silvey: I run circuits for all ages (I know of a couple of 14 year olds that join in as well as someone in their late 60s) and all abilities (from those new to exercise to my regulars who were with me from the start, over four years ago. The circuits are designed to encourage all members of the community to engage or re-engage with physical movement, health and wellbeing. The exercises are designed to have easier and harder versions in order that everyone can be included.

Andy Hackney:  My online sessions are aimed at individuals who require a tailored programme, after an initial online conversation, I design specific exercises around their strengths, weaknesses or if they are having any particular issues. These can include needing rehabilitation, working around hip/knee/back/shoulders or someone who requires sports specific training such as runners, cyclists, golfers who need to keep up a strength/conditioning/mobility programme. With regards to age and experience, I have clients of all ages and abilities. Some of my clients are regular gym goers who need more diversity in their programmes. I also have clients who know they need to undertake exercise for not only body but also for mind.

Exercise is important to both physical and mental health

Exercise is important to both physical and mental health

Ben Barnfield: My classes are aimed at all abilities. The exercises and the intensity can be tailored to suit all. The classes may include some equipment from time to time but I offer solutions with things that most people will have lying around the house to use instead.

2) What is the main focus of your class?

Andy S: The main focus of the circuits is to approach fitness in a holistic way. I do this by improving people’s strength and conditioning (cardiovascular fitness) through functional movement, interval training, bodyweight exercises and resistance training.

Andy H: With the current situation more people are probably sitting at their desks and working so a big part of sessions is to teach clients some mobility exercises to compensate for the hours sitting at the computer. The main focus of the sessions is to not only to provide a complete full body workout but to also bring my over 20 years’ experience in teacahing a wide range of exercises that clients can take something away and use in their daily lives. I also teach boxing online so clients if they want to can learn a new skill going forward.

Ben: I am currently doing three different classes: Bootcamp, Circuits and Reps and Sets. I am open to doing different classes, these are just classes I normally offer. However, if you have a suggestion get in contact and I can put something together. Bootcamp has less structure and is more about getting heart rate up and moving as much as possible. Circuits has more structure, generally looking to complete 3 circuits with a mix of other exercises to break up the repetition. Reps and sets has a set plan for the session and the idea is to complete as many rounds of certain exercises. These can be adapted to suit different levels. The point of this class is to record your results and see if there is any improvement at another session.

One-to-one training is perfect for those in need of a boost to motivation

One-to-one training is perfect for those in need of a boost to motivation

3) Are they free and are you still offering paid-for personal training sessions?

Andy S: Yes, the circuits are free and are simply there to help everyone keep physically (and mentally) active. I do still run PT sessions but as they are less ‘personal’ they are reduced to half price.

Andy H: The 1-2-1 sessions are chargeable but I am doing a range of free videos including circuits challenges (see The PULSE 500 Challenge which is now live), educational and boxing instruction short videos.

Ben: I am doing the classes on a donation-type payment scheme. As some people will have lost jobs, have less income, etc. So, people can pay up to £5 a session depending on the individual circumstances. I am also offering individual PT sessions. I have had great feedback from my 1-1 clients who have enjoyed the structure and the ability to use items at home to exercise in ways they haven’t thought about.

4) What platforms are you using / how can people find you? (Facebook/Zoom etc)

Andy S: For the circuits I use Facebook Live as I am able to get immediate feedback. The quality of the streaming however isn’t always brilliant as every man and their dog are online. So, I might change to a pre-recorded circuit that I post the night before when the internet is more quiet (I post all changes, any updates on my Facebook page so do watch this space). For my PT sessions I use Zoom which offers me the ability to monitor my clients progress and technique in order to offer them as ‘personal’ a service as I can.

Andy H: I am using Zoom, Whatsapp and will be doing Live streaming on Facebook.

Ben: I am using multiple platforms to make it as easy for my clients to be in contact. For the classes I am using Zoom and for my 1-1 appointments I am using FaceTime, WhatsApp, messenger as a few examples.

Add structure to your daily life with exercise

Add structure to your daily life with exercise

5) Can you recommend 3 other ways to stay fit and healthy during Lockdown?

Andy S:

  • My first piece of advice would be to give yourself one or two reasons each day to get up. It is easy to let a ‘holiday’ attitude creep in and lose any sense of structure. Having worked in some pretty horrible conditions in the Royal Marines I appreciate how important it is to have as normal a routine as possible. Get up, get dressed, shower, have breakfast, play with kids, 1st job, lunch, 2nd job, exercise, etc. Essentially, we are all creatures of habit and these routines help keep us grounded and happy.
  • Engage with some form of exercise each day, whether this is an organised session similar to the ones we provide, or simply getting outside for a walk / run / cycle ride. Although we are all practising social distancing it is important for us as social creatures to get fresh air and see other people and say hello, even if we are at a distance.
  • Try not to let boredom and the stresses of being locked in with the family drive you to the fridge and larder, keep on top of your regular eating pattern and try to keep busy, be answerable to each other or another friend online. Keep a positive attitude and treat the isolation as a safe environment rather than a small prison. This is a great opportunity to attack all those little ’round to it’ jobs that never get done.

Andy H:

  • I would say that if people are going to going out at all then they need to have specific time of day to get in to a routine of moving around and stretching, there are loads of free online quick circuits they can follow.
  • If they are lucky and have a garden, they can set up agility circuits, obstacle courses or even just kick a ball around with the kids.
  • We are very lucky here in Ludlow to have some lovely walks and if people just increase the time/distance over the next few months they will be amazed how much further they can manage.


  • Online classes or PT. This can help people who may struggle with the drive to get themselves going at home and add some structure to not only to your session but day or week. The session is more personal and can be adapted to suit, space, equipment and abilities you require.
  • Re-assess your goals and set some new ones. This will help add some extra motivation for those who may currently feel a little deflated about the situation. For some people the equipment they use may not be accessible to them with gyms and centres shut. So now is a great time to set some new goals, plan your workouts for the year. Setting a new goal will challenge the way you work and can set some good foundations for future training.
  • Keeping busy about the house is a great way to stay active. It will increase your totally daily energy expenditure (TDEE). For people in sedentary jobs just being more active with jobs around the house or garden will increase your calories burn. Great if your goal is weight/fat loss.

Contact details for Andy Silvey, Andy Hackney and Ben Barnfield are below.


Andy Silvey | Andali Fitness | Facebook | 07950 573505

Andy Hackney | Pulse Fitness | 07969 833879

Ben Barnfield | Ben Barnfield Personal Training | Facebook | 07971 714351




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