my ludlow life issue No. 12

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Written byLGL_Admin

After a long hiatus, we’ve brought back the ‘my ludlow life’ series and David Harlington has graciously agreed to be our opening act so to speak, which is apt as he is a singer in his spare time.

Lucy and I want to show Ludlow not just through our eyes but through the voices of those who also live and love being here. We don’t want you to just take our word for it. Hopefully, through these video shorts we can show you, our readers, a more diverse view about our area and well, we are thrilled to bring it back.


Ludlow is a picturesque town certainly but like other rural market towns, there are pressing issues made more urgent as a result of cuts in budget. Thankfully, Hands Together, a charity ran by David Harlington, is all about filling in the gap. David talks about his Ludlow Life in the video above. Here are a few take-aways:

1. What brought you to Ludlow?

It’s all a matter of simplicity according to David: after retirement it was one part of the country he and his wife had yet to explore. They came, they saw and they moved in within a matter of a week in 2000!

2. What does Hands Together mean to you?

Hands Together means about 80-hour week says David! The charity was built up over 4 or 5 years, while it has been a bit involved to get it started, David has had a fantastic response to the work the charity does and expects it will be difficult to let it go.

3. Favourite Ludlow activity?

Age may prevent David from doing some of the fun activities he used to do but the Choral Society is still a favourite outlet.

4. And David’s Ludlow Gem…

The bench on Whitcliffe Common looking up the Valley.

5. What about something that people may not know or see immediately in Ludlow?

“It’s got many surprising aspects, it’s quite interesting when you come to Ludlow by road or by rail and you see the super tower of St Laurence’s from a great distance and the interesting thing is when you come in to Ludlow town itself, it’s very difficult to find the church because you come in to a little alleyway. When you come in to Ludlow, you find that all the little shops here are real shops and all the people here are real people. So if you do find yourself here, ferret around and go in those little alleyways and go across the railway tracks and see parts of Ludlow a lot of visitors may not see. There are always little gems surprising you.”


Hands Together aids Ludlow and the surrounding area’s most vulnerable. It actively seeks volunteers and appreciates donations. Learn more here.


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