Bright Move: the dynamic duo behind Wovenology

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Written byLucy Cook

The founders of Wovenology, a local company selling wonderfully colourful baskets ethically sourced and made by artisans in Ghana, talk about their life and love of our Ludlow area

colours of summer in Wovenology’s baskets

colours of summer in Wovenology’s baskets

What brought you to the area?

Steph: Initially, my proudly Shropshire husband but the county won me over very quickly. It is the most wild of the English counties I have lived in (the most like Africa!)

Jo: I met and married my husband who is born and bred Shropshire

Still here because…

Steph: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! I quickly fell in love with Shropshire, the views, space and people made it feel like home straightaway.

Jo: Why live anywhere else? I was an army brat and the nature of my father’s job meant that we moved house and location every two years. I love that we have found our permanent base, no need to move and my three children will grow up in Shropshire.

The secret to a happy rural life is?

As long as there is colour in my life…

As long as there is colour in my life…

Steph: A laid-back approach and a good sense of humour, if you are happy to take it all as it comes and create your own entertainment there is no beating rural life! Oh and some good trusty crowd-pleasing recipes!

Jo: A good taxi service, also having lots of friends who like laid-back entertaining. I love impromptu Sunday roasts with friends or last-minute Shepherds’ pie suppers.

Your favourite local independent (shop, café, gallery)?

Steph: Fish Bridgnorth, it is a real gem on the high street. Delicious sea food and great wine followed very closely by the Fish House, Ludlow.

Jo: Vinegar Hill in Shrewsbury.  It never lets me down when I run in there for a birthday [present] I forgot!

Name one thing you can’t live without?

Steph: Scented candles (Shropshire brand PFK Wellbeing is my current fave).

Jo: Breakfast!

Describe your country style?

Steph: Practical yet colourful

Jo: As long as there is colour in my life and clear surfaces (I hate clutter) I am happy!

What are you most proud of?

Steph: My career, I was never a high achiever at school but have managed to navigate a career in London and set up Wovenology alongside it… now just the family to come!

Jo: My children, clichéd but true.

Have you managed to strike the perfect work/life balance?

Step: Unfortunately not, that one is still on the to do list.

Jo: I think so,  I fit our small holiday let business and Wovenology around school hours.

Your local foodie must-have?

Steph: Chilton liquors Damson Gin (definitely counts as a food!) or anything from Harp Lane Deli!

Jo: Plantkind in Shrewsbury sell the most amazing salad boxes with falafel at lunchtime. I am not even vegetarian.

It’s a dog’s life

It’s a dog’s life

To view or buy Wovenology’s products, click here


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