Why Ludlow?

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Written byLGL_Admin

The real question isn’t why Ludlow, it’s why not?

For those who are from here or are drawn here, the nitty gritty of our love of Ludlow stems from three core things: the abundance of nature surrounding us, it’s steeped in history and the opportunity to slow down and live life with a small “l”.

To that extent, Ludlow is a lifestyle. When you live or visit here, you’re committing to a way of life and that includes: a slower pace, spiritually uplifting and invigorating activities, locally sourced food, rambling around our hilly area, hanging out in pubs and attending any number of festivals.

There is something for everyone who comes to this secluded corner of Shropshire. This web site is a celebration of everything Lucy and I love and appreciate about Ludlow and the Marches .

Let’s Go Ludlow will regularly delve into the heart of this market town through features focused on those who live and work here. We’ll take you on a personal tour, guide you to the places locals go and the spaces we prefer.

Not a static guide, Let’s Go Ludlow is also about unearthing treasures within motoring distance of our fabulous town, which takes us across not just Shropshire but neighbouring Herefordshire, the Welsh borders and Worcestershire.

This is an adventure and we want you to join us.

So, let’s go…

Claire and Lucy


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