Master challenge: pubs with quiz nights

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Written byClaire Hunte

Who doesn’t love a good quiz night? For a bit of trivia, quiz nights began in the 1970s by company Burns and Porter as a way to draw punters into pubs on quieter nights. A trendy idea, the latest data on the number of quizzes regularly held in the UK, according to the Big Fat Quiz, is 22,445.

That’s over 22,000 evenings where pedants get their jollies showing off their general knowledge, and hopefully, one or two people will learn a thing or two between bouts of drinking. As the Big Fat Quiz describes, the quiz represents two of the UK’s favourite pastimes: “drinking and being right!”

Indeed, at minimum, we all fall into one category or the other. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun, stretching your brain, which on a good day can barely remember in no particular order where your keys, phone or glasses (always on top of your head) are. But suddenly, it’s desperately trying to remember the date Queen Elizabeth became monarch. After frantic whispering among your group: “Wait, was it before the Second World War? It was black and white TV then, so was that in the 60s?” Inevitably, if you’re in the group with very little retained in the general knowledge bank, you’re probably a month or a century off. We comfort ourselves as we sip our drinks that we don’t have our heads full of trivia because we’re pretty up on current affairs – anything 20 years ago. The answer is 2 June 1953.

There’s always an A-Team Photo: iStock

Here’s a list of pubs in the Ludlow area sharing the love of knowledge. No promises you’ll garner a spot. They’re very popular, these adult tests. But maybe you’ll be lucky enough to ace a quiz. So gather your teams and get ready to answer.

In Ludlow

The Queens

When: 1st Wednesday of the month
Trivia: general knowledge, snacks at half time, min 2 – max 6 per team allowed
Entry fee: £2 per person (goes towards selected charity)
Contact: via Facebook or call Jane

Mary just knew she had the right answer… Photo: iStock

Blue Boar

When: 3rd Thursday of the month
Trivia: Sitting room Q&A, interactive thanks to surround sound and big screen, 10 rounds, min 4 per team
Entry fee: £2 per person
Contact: Q&A page or call 01584 878989

The Squirrel

When: every Wednesday @8pm
Trivia: book your table in advance, up to 8 per team, kitchen closes at 8:45pm
Entry fee: Donation of choice
Contact: Book online or call 01584 879940

The Wheatsheaf Inn

When: last Sun of the month (first under new management 27 Nov)
Trivia: book your table in advance, up to 6 per team,
Entry fee: £2
Contact: Book online or call 01584 879940

Quiz-tastic: The team of the “Three Must Get Beers” Photo: iStock

Outside Ludlow

The Boot In Orleton and The Maidenhead

When: Rotates monthly between The Boot in Orleton, the Village Hall and Maiden Head 2nd Tuesday
Trivia: very popular! best to book in advance,  up to 6 per team
Entry fee: £1 per person (local charities)
Contact: Book The Boot online or call 01568 780 228
The Maidenhead call 01584 831686

The Sun Inn, Leintwardine

When: Occasional, next 6 December 2023
Trivia: just drop in, up to 4 per team
Entry fee: £3 per person
Contact: call  01547 540705

The Fountain Inn, Tenbury Wells

When: last Thursday of the month
Trivia: book ahead, max 4 per team
Entry fee: £7 per person includes food
Contact: call to book your team in 01584 810701

Quiz-tastic World

Puns-a-poppin’ when it comes to naming your teams, get inspired here. We’re partial to:

  • The Three Must Get Beers
  • Tequila Mockingbird
  • I am Smarticus
  • Sherlock Homies
  • John Triviaolta
  • This is not a drill-please evacuate the pub

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