5 questions for … Berry’s luxury ice cream

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Written byLGL Editors

1. First, tell us who you are

We are Berry’s Luxury Ice Cream, formerly Just Rachel Ice Creams. In 2020, we (Frank and Fenella Kenyon-Slaney) took over the business started by Rachel Hicks back in 1980, who produced a small range of ice creams made with 100% cream and totally natural products. We have modernised the brand and its new name Berry’s reflects the rich history of using delicious heritage fruits along with a contemporary new look and feel that is a nod to its early days. We have also now spent all of last year collaborating with Sue Stinchcombe, an award-winning chef, so quality takes centre stage.

Berry Crumble Frangipane Tart Photo: Berry’s

Berry Crumble Frangipane Tart Photo: Berry’s

2. Next in a soundbite, tell us about your product(s)

We make home-made ice cream, sorbets, dairy-free ice cream and frozen desserts using natural and where possible local products. No artificial flavours or colourings. Our most popular flavour remains the perennial favourite, Vanilla, but Damson & Sloe Gin, which we won the award for is very popular and the fruity flavors: Gooseberry & Elderflower, Blackcurrant Ripple and Rhubarb are also great hits. It’s also easy to get your ice cream fix since we’re in a number of outlets locally: Harp Lane Deli, Market Square, Ludlow; Quarry Farm Shop, Luston, Leominster; Van Doesburgs, Church Stretton; Drapers Lane Deli, Leominster and Legges, Bromyard.

3. How do you feel about the Ludlow Food Festival and particularly, about being back this year.

We are very excited to be attending the Ludlow Food Festival for the first time, as it is our closest one to our office/factory are at Bishop’s Frome, between Bromyard and Ledbury. We have been to a few other Food Festivals this year but we are keen to come to Ludlow Food Festival to meet local people and to generate more business. It is very important to build a local market presence especially as it is a well-known brand which has taken a dip in the last few years so we want people to know that we are still here, but more modern and better — for example, the name change. We have also tweaked the recipes a bit so that they are a bit fresher and more 2021. We also wanted to be at the Festival with Sue when she does her demo (Sue Stinchcombe is appearing at the Festival on Sunday 12th September)!

Berry nice: Luxury Strawberry Ice Cream Photo: Berry’s

Berry nice: Luxury Strawberry Ice Cream Photo: Berry’s

4. There have been many changes wrought as a result of the pandemic, which ones would you like to see continue?

The changes we would like to see continue are everyone buying local and natural. Spending a bit more on their food but cutting out food miles and supporting local growers and producers.

5. What do you want readers to understand about shopping local?

That it makes for a more sustainable future. Local producers are big fruit farmers who sell us jam-grade fruit (which is fruit they can’t sell to the supermarkets but for a low price we can afford) and if I mention some, I might forget others so it might be better not to mention them. If our friend, who has offered to grow rhubarb for us for next year, manages to create a bumper crop, I will definitely shout her name from the rooftops!

mark and sue stinchcombe

mark and sue stinchcombe

The LUDLOW FOOD FESTIVAL takes place on 10th, 11th & 12th September 2021, to book your tickets and find out more click HERE

Head Chef of Berry’s, Sue Stinchcombe will be demo’ing at Ludlow Food Festival on Sunday, 12th September at 2.30pm with her husband, Mark, former champion of Masterchef – The Professionals. To book your tickets, click HERE

Look out for the Berry’s ice cream van — a converted decommissioned ambulance — in the Market Square on Sunday, 12th September.

If you’d like to find out more about Berry’s, visit their website or you can follow them on social media:



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