our mission

  • an insider’s guide to Ludlow’s lifestyle through regular blog posts, articles and interviews

  • a personal recommendation about what to do and where to go in Ludlow area

  • to share, shout about and muse over the latest  local news and events

It makes a difference to hear from those in the know where to get the best coffee, a favourite walk, where to take your kids locally on the weekend and the festivals to whoop it up.

Claire (on left) and lucy, co-founders, Let’s Go Ludlow

Claire (on left) and lucy, co-founders, Let’s Go Ludlow

about us

We love Ludlow and we want to shout about it.

We (Claire and Lucy) met over the worktables of a sewing class at the indomitable MARIES, one of the last mending services in Ludlow.  It was clear from the outset that that in spite of our very different geographical upbringings – Lucy is local, Claire grew up in New York – we had a lot in common (our total ineptitude at stitching for one).

Having both recently moved to Ludlow with young children, we bonded over our enthusiasm for the area.  With Claire’s journalistic background and Lucy’s training in social media – and after many coffees – Let’s Go Ludlow was born.

Always tailored, always personal, we promise to bring you the latest what’s on, what’s happening and news about the people who make Ludlow what it is…

about ludlow

Ludlow is a gem of a town and although it’s a vibrant hub, it still manages to retain its friendly charm. The traditional marketplace remains in use year round and is a distinct part of the town’s culture. Our castle, St. Laurence Church and the black and white architecture are visible links to Ludlow’s history. Situated on the Welsh borders, we are surrounded by the most beautiful countryside luxuriating in rolling hills, richly diverse forestry, rivers you can swim in, castles and forts.

The town’s reputation as a foodie destination is a big pull for our tourists and locals alike as we are blessed with fantastic delis, places to eat, watering holes for the persistently thirsty and award-winning farm shops.

At the heart of the town lies Ludlow Castle, built in the 11th century by the de Lacy family, it is a ruin but its a substantial one and is among the best in the country. Over 900 years of history serves as a backdrop for a number of exhibits and as a wedding venue. The Ludlow Spring Festival and Ludlow Food Festival are also held in its hallowed grounds.

Culture vultures have plenty to get on with throughout the year.  In April, Ludlow will play host to English Song Weekend; in June, the Ludlow Fringe Festival and the Secret Gardens of Ludlow; in July, the Ludlow Green Festival, in August the Ludlow Magnalonga and in November, the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre.

In addition, check out the Ludlow Assembly Rooms for its scheduled arts, literary and musical events. Local venues such as Ludlow Brewing CompanyChang Thai and the Rose & Crown have live bands and artists too.  Our calendar lists events major and minor.