Pets Welcome

dog on welcome mat

Home is where? From NY to Ludlow

New contributor to LGL, Nicole Landers, a plant ecologist, made a whirlwind move from upstate New York to the outskirts of Ludlow just over a year ago — it’s been quite the journey!


Take a hike: Pokehouse Wood walk, Croft Castle

Explore Croft Castle’s Pokehouse Wood walk in nearby Aymestrey and don’t forget to bring a flask of something warm while enjoying the views, writes Laura Bradley.


Step away from the dog

Keeping your dog on a structure and routine, advises Marie Yates, will help them transition to the time when you’re no longer at home.

Marie and dog on a run

Let your dog take you for a run

If you prefer hitting the trails with your dog, you may want to join other like-minded souls who prefer the same with the new Ludlow Runners’ Canicross Group.

Daisy hits the butcher’s trail in Ludlow

Daisy sniffs out a new trail that begins at one of Ludlow’s local butchers and ends at another. She and a friend also take in The Stagg at Titley for a walk and lunch


Daisy’s Diaries: from house to home

JD finds a house just isn’t a home until it’s kitted out. Escorted by her dog Daisy, she finds thankfully that the Ludlow area is filled to the brim when it comes to home decorating.