discover the work, interests and outdoor activities you can enjoy when living in the heart of the Marches

christmas tractor lit up

Time to cheer on the great light-up tractor run!

Join the fun of the tractor run when farmers show off their gleaming machinery on a route through town. Orgainsed by the Orleton Young Farmers Club this charitable event is part of the Ludlow Winter Festival.


Age no limit: Tennis

Nicola Chase, a super tennis fan and passionate player warns, “chasing after that stupid yellow ball has a tendency to take over your life!”


Age no limit: Mountain biking

Steve Chapman, an enthusiast of mountain biking, discusses what he loves most about the sport and offers tips on getting started and the best trails in Shropshire.


Time to get ‘Mushrooming without fear’

Walkers will have already noticed mushrooms in Mortimer’s Forest. Check out the recently published book, Mushrooming without Fear, to hunt with confidence.


4 hidden delights in Ludlow

There is always something delightful to discover in Ludlow, here are four gems for you to explore.


Point2 Guides: Bucknell Circular Walk

Time for a ramble along the borders in nearby Bucknell with Point2 Guide’s Andy Stevenson who shares a 4.8 mile walk with pinewood bedecked hills, wide-open sheep pastures and the little River Redlake.

Dinham Bridge


Poet Rachel Spence calls Ludlow her second home. In this piece, which appeared initially in The London Magazine, she writes movingly about finding succour in the river Teme while helping her mother through her illness and final days.


Saddle up in South Shropshire

Horse riding combines meditation as you roam, strength as you use your core and getting closer to nature from your elevated position. Whatever your preference, the choices of stables to match needs and abilities are plentiful in the Ludlow area.