The Bull Ludlow
The Bull Hotel
14 Bull Ring

The Bull Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Ludlow. The earliest mention on record is 1343 when it was known as ‘Peter of Proctors House’ although it probably dates to the construction of the church which is rumoured to be 1199.


The Bull has been an Inn since the fifteenth century, when the formerly galleried range in the yard was erected. In the fifteenth century the premises were owned by some of the leading families of the town, and the Bull is first referred to by name in a will of 1580. In 1693 the inn was badly damaged when rioters attacked a Presbyterian meeting which was being held in the building. The frontage was destroyed by a fire that took place around 1794-1795 and was rebuilt in the Georgian style explaining the vast difference between the look of the building from the road compared to from within the coachyard. Remains from the earlier roof still exist in the main block of the building even to this day. This is also noticeable inside where the floors and ceilings vary in level and height. During recent alterations many original beams were uncovered as well as a priest hole, clay pipes, bottles and even bones.

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