Emily Baker

Let your health be your wealth.  Gained a degree in 2010 from Derby University in complementary therapies in the area of aromatherapy and reflexology, and moved to Ludlow in 2012.

Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in a massage as they work physically and psychologically on the body.  Aromatherapy can help those with anxiety, back pain, and depression, as oils can be stimulating, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory. Each session is personalized and so, therefore, I do not use a ready-made blend of oils.  I like to give everyone a treatment that is unique to them. This entails having a consultation when you first book with me (unless it is for a taster), which is thorough.   I always allow two hours for this as it gives me time to go through everything, the treatment is booked separately.  Before the massage, I will offer essential oils for you to smell, and you tell me if you like them or not, and from there a blend is made.  This is the wonderment of aromatherapy, for no two sessions are the same.

Reflexology Reflexology is a way to massage the whole body including the internal organs via points in the feet or hands.  There are many types of reflexology, and I use touch which is on the lighter side.  Reflexology is only recently being understood in the way of research.  However, many clients feel relaxed and revived.  Each session lasts about an hour.

Booking for aromatherapy and reflexology.  Please note when booking online that you will need to book an initial session and consultation.  The consultation is in-depth and can be done over the phone before the initial session.  Bookings are made online for ease for you as there is a range of dates and times.

Spiritual medium and psychic artist. Being a spiritual medium is where I am the connection between those loved ones that have passed away to the living.  The best way to describe this is to say that I am a messenger repeating what information I get from those who have passed away to those who are living.  Psychic art is where I draw a portrait of a loved one and at the same time give you a message.  The artwork is something that you take away with you.  I also do use cards, which are my set – Perceptionary Cards.  I can only give you what I get therefore I may not know what is the future and therefore I am not a fortune teller.

The Spirit Guiders Podcast.  This podcast started mid-2022, covering topics such as crystals, meditation, what questions we get asked as a medium, ghosts, angels, reiki healing, chakras, and much more.  The podcast is available from all major platforms as well as from this link https://feeds.transistor.fm/the-spirit-guiders


Perceptionary Cards, and Artwork.  I have created a set of 49 non-prescribed cards, which are very colourful and will help you use your imagination.  These cards can not only be used for readings, but for inspiration, or even storytelling with children.  I have also created a range of artwork of various sizes on the same theme as the Perceptionary Cards.  Each artwork is made with the use of encaustic wax which makes colours very vivid and bright.

Aromatic Nasal Inhalers.  A little aromatherapy in your pocket.  These handy inhalers can be put in your pocket or bag and used throughout the day.  There is a set of 4 each made using essential oils, and I have blended them together.  Each one has its own theme, and so the tones of the oils reflect this.  The four in the set are: Grounding – This inhaler has the essential oils of Laurel Leaf, Geranium and Petitgrain – my intention is to bring in a sense of grounding to you, as these oils have indications of being balancing, and uplifting. Heart’s Breath – This inhaler has the essential oils of Sweet Orange, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang – my intention is that you have a hug, as the oils have indications of comforting, helping with anxiety and frustration. Clarity – Clarity has the essential oils of Patchouli, Peppermint and Lemongrass – which bring in clarity and freshness to it as the oil indications of helping with mental fatigue, cleansing and refreshing. Head Space – This inhaler has the essential oils of  Laurel Leaf, Ravensara and Eucalyptus – my intention is to bring in clear thinking, as these oils are not just uplifting, but stimulating as well.

YouTube My YouTube channel has my Facebook lives on there as well as a monthly reading using my Perceptionary Cards.

Business Hours Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 6 pm Closed Mondays. 

Website www.emilyjbaker.co.uk

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