Easier Hearing - Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Mill Street, Ludlow or at home
The Mill Street Clinic, 10 Mill Street



I’m Kate – I have worked in the NHS for 20+ years, the majority of my time spent in A & E where I discovered my interest in removing things from people’s ears.  I moved to Ludlow in 2020 and trained at the Hearing Lab in Liverpool in the removal of ear wax by microsuction.

Microsuction is just as it sounds; ‘micro’ as I will be wearing/using a microscope which will enable me to see everything I am doing as I do it and ‘suction’ as I willbe using a small medical vacuum to remove the wax.  It has a very low suction power and is extremey gentle and the most you should feel is a gentle pulling sensation, although it can be a little noisy too.  I will explain and demonstrate everything before we start.

Typically, microsuction only lasts approximately 10-15 mins per ear.  Timing depends on the amount and type of wax in the ears, how deep the wax is inside the ear canal, if I need to change instruments, whether you are having one or both ears treated and how often, if at all, we pause – I do like to talk!

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