LGL’s #WeAreLudlow campaign launches

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Written byLGL Editors

The Let’s Go Ludlow #WeAreLudlow campaign has launched. Our readers know that Let’s Go Ludlow shines the spotlight on our historic town as a fantastic place to live, work and visit.

This latest campaign draws attention to our Let’s Go Local directory and the people behind the businesses listed. The directory is a growing listing of services and shops for anyone wanting to see what is available in the town and surrounding area. The #WeAreLudlow campaign allows residents and visitors to get to know the people behind the businesses and for businesses to connect with their customers.

For Lucy and me, the campaign is circular. Everything we do is about helping to make our market town a place people want to visit, shop and do business. It’s essential in this current economic climate. It’s all about community and helping to keep our high street vibrant.

We have over 15,000 followers across our social media platforms. The images of Ludlow, its people and surrounding areas highlight the incredible diversity of our local businesses – showing Ludlow to be more than a tourist town.

The campaign has many business owners participating, and it’s exciting because they represent a range of what is on offer in the service, retail and hospitality sectors.

Businesses are invested in making Ludlow a heavenly spot

Mike Cleeton, of The Little Carpenter based in Knowbury, said: “With small businesses struggling in these difficult times, it’s good to promote what we are doing in any way possible. It’s important for me to raise my profile and get my business out there. It’s also great to see how many other businesses must be thinking along the same lines and have signed up as well – which can only help Ludlow in general.

Mike Cleeton, of The Little Carpenter based in Knowbury Photo: LGL

“Ludlow is very special, it’s a beautiful place to live and visit with a lot of tourist attractions, arts and crafts and small businesses who all need the support of locals and tourists.”

Charlene Moakes, of No 10 Hair in Old Street, Ludlow, said: “The High Street is so important, and it’s nice to have businesses being a part of something collectively to promote what we have on offer in Ludlow.

Charlene Moakes, of No 10 Hair in Old Street, Ludlow Photo: LGL

“A lot of our clients are local so it’s essential to encourage a community feel. It’s important to have the support of local people – it is what keeps us going and we simply wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients.”

Claire Brindley, of The Wool Shop in Broad Street, Ludlow, said: “We need to let people know that we are here – we have been here more than 15 years now, and we still get people coming in and saying they didn’t know about us. So it’s all about raising our profile to help with that.

Claire Brindley, of The Wool Shop in Broad Street Photo:LGL

“We have a wonderful town and without the support of locals and visitors our many and varied unique businesses would die, something which eventually would kill the town. By continuing to support our businesses, people will be helping to keep Ludlow alive as the unique little market town it is.”

And in keeping it unique

Andy Silvey, of Andali Fitness and Andali Events, based at Ludlow Rugby Club, said: “I’m a great believer in doing things locally. It’s important to protect towns like Ludlow from becoming just another faceless town with no real identity. So we need to do all we can to maintain independence while promoting local businesses.

Andy Silvey, of Andali Fitness and Andali Events Photo: LGL

“Ludlow is a fantastic town and has everything going for it, our people are welcoming, we have a great history and there are lots of things going on. Promoting locally is important for the town to keep thriving.”

Jen Tindall of Jennifer Tindall Nutrition said: “The Let’s Go Ludlow website is a good landing place for tourists but also for locals, especially now that people are more aware of supporting local businesses – and there is a community aspect to it as well.

“People do look online more now so you need an online presence and that’s why the directory is so useful. I’ve had several clients say they have found me online but like the fact that I’m local. An online presence means people can look you up in their own time and find out what you do before they make contact – I think there is a certain reassurance in that.”