Samuel Scott Painting History of Ludlow

5 fast facts to know about historical Ludlow

Ludlow’s medieval history is fascinating and complicated. To help you sort out the major players and their shenanigans from Anglo-Saxon times through to modern day find it all in The Concise History of Ludlow.

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HARPing on: Ludlow’s rich history

Henry Mackley, marvels at Ludlow’s medieval history, the ‘tunnels’ below, the cobbled streets beside the 750-year old building housing Harp Lane Deli. it all combines to inspire chills and thrills aplenty

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my ludlow life issue No. 11

Meet Shaun Ward, Director of Music at St Laurence’s Ludlow, creator and owner of the artisan Ludlow Dry Gin and co-founder of Ludlow’s newest Beer Festival. We managed to catch this very busy man for a quick chat on how he combines his passions

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cadet