How to upload your listing

Follow these simple
instructions on how to add/edit/delete listings from your account.
All sections marked with an * are mandatory fields.
Please note you have the option to have more than 1 listing per account.

This will be the titleof the listing (normally would be your company name)

This is the cover or banner image of your listing, on the right is an example of how your image will appear. The recommended dimension is: 1000px by 700px.

Business Gallery allows to you add multiple images to your listing. Recommended dimensions are 800px by 500px. There are no restrictions as to how many images you can add, but we do recommend no more than 25 images to keep your page loading as fast as possible.

Add the full description of the business you are promoting here. There are no limits on the number of words you can add.

Please try and avoid copying and pasting from other websites (this also copies styling across). Do include any opening hours/days in this section.

Similar to the thumbnail, this is the text your customers will see on the listing page. See the example below.

It’s best to keep this section to a few sentences. Be clear and concise.
“Will customers know what my business does or offer based on this short description?”

‘Offers & Discounts’ is the section you need to keep constantly updated withany offers you are running virtually or on-site at your shop/restaurant. Pleasea ssign your code to the ‘offer & discount’, which our VIP members will show you when purchasing the product/service either on their phone/tablet, via a screenshot or printed.

In the Offers & Discounts Availability section, please include any time, day, date or product line restrictions to the offers you are running. Also, please make it clear if the offer or discount is available for online purchases, if relevant.

Offers & Discounts are a contract between you and the customer. Therefore, LGL does not take responsibility for these transactions (please refer to our T&Cs).

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