Richards Castle Soap Box Derby

June 25, 2023
- 10:00
June 25, 2023
Richards Castle, SY8 4ET

2 categories this year – 4 wheel and 3 wheel.  With both Adult and Junior classes.  This year all runs (except practice runs) will count towards your best 2 runs.

Registration is from 7.30am Sunday morning, or from 6.30pm to 8pm Saturday evening.

The course is 550m long with a descent of 50m. It should be noted that this is not indicative of the gradient of parts of the course. In places it is much steeper and participants can expect to reach 30-40mph. Soap boxes will be given the opportunity of at least three runs and will set off singly at intervals, electronically timed.  This year all timed runs count towards your best two (see rules).

In 2022 a total of £14,000 was donated to local charities. 

2023 charities:​

The KITE group at

Marches Family Network

​Ludlow Sight Loss and Hearing Loss Group

​Orleton Recreational Trust

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