Birdmill: one for the birds

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Written byLGL Editors

Attracting a great number and variety of birds to our garden is generally the reason we put up bird feeding stations. We are helping our much loved garden birds to survive as well. Add some interest to your garden this Autumn not just with the wildlife but with a unique bird feeding station called the Birdmill.

A birdmill for all seasons

A birdmill for all seasons

The Birdmill is a rotary bird feeding station with hooks on which you can hang four of your own bird feeders and is the brainchild of Roger and Birgit Hill. After a long spell in the Netherlands, Roger and Birgit decided to settle on the border of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Wales and over the last 15 years they have combined working at exhibitions with shop premises in both Craven Arms and Ludlow.

The Birdmill is a truly fun feature to add to the garden. It rotates in any direction as birds hop on to feed from any of the feeders. It was designed by Roger about 30 years ago and as he says, “Our children have had hours of enjoyment learning about the birds that visit the garden.  How many children today could name 6 common birds that visit the British garden?   It is a fantastic way to help the wildlife in your garden, especially through the winter”.


Roger and Birgit are both very enthusiastic about the product and find it mesmerising to see the birds feeding.  Roger says it always gets a ‘thumbs up’ from friends and family and they would “love to get people interested to have the Birdmill as a special feature in their gardens and to receive the same enjoyment of it as we have done over all these years”.

The product is manufactured in the Midlands and quality materials are used.

To purchase a Birdmill or to see videos and images visit their WEBSITE

If you rather visit Roger & Birgit (by appointment) at their warehouse, please ring: 01547 540888.

You can also follow them on social media:






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