The best of Ludlow

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Written byLGL_Admin

Here at Let’s Go Ludlow, we’re known for celebrating the best of our market town and its surrounding areas. You may be familiar with images and stories about our beautiful, historic castle and town; our foodie scene revolving around the long-running Ludlow Food Festival, independent local suppliers and eateries.

However, rarely do we get to depict in 3D the immense community spirit of Ludlow and this was sharply on display this past weekend. Hundreds turned out for a peaceful, socially observed Black Lives Matter event organised by our residents, including our young people all to show support for a movement and against racism.

The short film below (from local media company, Wild Edric Media) offers hope and shows the spirit of our community and speaks for itself as to why residents choose to turn out and it’s wonderful to see. For visitors coming to our wonderful town perhaps it adds yet another dimension to see that though rural, we are as passionate about social change as our urban counterparts.

Our lifestyle magazine consistently shows the best of Ludlow and we think this past weekend’s event surely fits in with that.


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