Art and friendship in Ludlow Gallery, Twenty Twenty

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Written byLGL_Admin

I joined Twenty Twenty in 2010 to develop the website and online sales which as proved invaluable in the situation we now find ourselves in. Mary had established the Gallery in 2003 in Much Wenlock and rapidly made Twenty Twenty  a destination in the West Midlands for contemporary Art and Craft. We took the decision to move the business to Ludlow in 2018 and we both feel we have found a new spiritual home for the gallery, Ludlow is a wonderful, vibrant town with great potential for the future even with all the challenges we are currently facing.  We both have creative backgrounds, meeting at art college, Mary a Fine Art student and myself a Furniture Designer. I went on to run a product design consultancy working with many of the major high street brands before getting involved with Twenty Twenty.

The Gallery has been exhibiting Annie Ovenden’s paintings since the early days in Much Wenlock. Annie’s recent paintings are being shown in the latest exhibition ‘Patterns of Friendship’ alongside work by her friends and fellow former members of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, the late Ann and Graham Arnold. The personal link was one of my tutors at art college and fellow Ruralist, David Inshaw, who introduced Annie to the gallery in 2004.

‘The Swallows Depart’ by Annie Ovenden

‘The Swallows Depart’ by Annie Ovenden

‘Patterns of Friendship’ Annie Ovenden and the Arnolds online 16th May to 6th June 2020

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Annie Ovenden, Ann Arnold and Graham Arnold. Also exhibiting: Tamsin Abbott stained glass, Anna Lambert ceramics and Sharon Griffin sculpture.

Annie Ovenden, and the late Ann Arnold and Graham Arnold were former members of the Brotherhood of Ruralists The Ruralists were formed in 1975, initially by Peter Blake, their vision: to respond to nature and to continue the tradition of English painting. Whilst each member had their own style they were influenced by Samuel Palmer, Stanley Spencer and the Pre-Raphaelites. Their love of music by Elgar and the writings of Thomas Hardy emphasised their romantic vision of nature.

‘White Horse in a French Field’ by Ann Arnold

‘White Horse in a French Field’ by Ann Arnold

When the Brotherhood of Ruralists broke up in the 1980’s, Ann and Graham Arnold moved to Chapel Lawn in deepest Shropshire. They embraced the community and were great supporters of fellow artists living in the Redlake Valley.  They exhibited regularly at Silk Top Hat Gallery (now Twenty Twenty Galery) in Quality Square. They remained good friends with Annie Ovenden and they would often exhibit together.

‘Patterns of Friendship’ at Twenty Twenty Gallery brings the friends together again with new paintings by Annie Ovenden and works by the Arnolds from the Estate, courtesy of Tamsin Abott.  We are also delighted to be exhibiting stained glass work by Tamsin Abbott and ceramics by Anna Lambert.

Hugh Elliott is the owner of Twenty Twenty, which is offering 5% discount to anyone joining the Gallery’s ‘Friends’ scheme which provides discounts and other benefits for an annual subscription of £20. Details on how to join are on their website.


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