How to create a bird feeder using recycled items at home

3 minute read
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Written byLGL_Admin

There is something about getting up in the mornings and hearing lovely bird song during lockdown time. It’s one of the benefits of staying at home. And, it is even more delightful to see them darting around your garden. A great way to entice them to your environs or garden is to build this very easy bird feeder. You can have the satisfaction of watching them while feeding them. Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Peanut butter
  2. Toilet or kitchen roll tubes
  3. Sellotape
  4. String
  5. Split small canes or bamboo barbecue sticks
  6. Knife
  7. Bird seed
  8. Tray or plate
Who’s a good birdie? Blue tit on perch

Who’s a good birdie? Blue tit on perch

Build a bird feeder

  1. Creating the perching supports: Pierce the tubes through from one side to the other where you want to place the perching supports for your birds. One perching stick per small tube and two or three per large tube. The perching sticks can be made in alternative directions on each tube, this allows up to 4-6 birds to feed at anyone time.
  2. Creating the hanging string hole: at the top of your tube make an insert from one side to the other to thread your supporting string through when you are ready to hang up your feeder.
  3. Applying the peanut butter: this is the glue for the bird seed to stick to. Apply a good layer of peanut butter, holding the tube from both ends works well for stability when spreading the peanut butter with a knife. When you have covered the tube well you are ready for the seed to be added. NB: make sure not to cover your perching or string holes.
  4. Applying the bird seed: Place the bird seed onto a tray or plate and then roll the peanut butter tube backwards and forwards, apply a little pressure if needed. The bird seed should begin to stick to the peanut butter and give a generous coating of seed on the tube.
  5. Fixing the perching supports: Retracing where you created the holes on your tube, gently slide the bamboo barbecue sticks or split bamboo canes through to create the perching supports. Depending on the thickness you may have to sellotape two barbecue sticks together to make a firm perching support.
  6. Attaching the hanging string: find the holes at the top of the tube and thread your string through, making a firm knot.

You have now created your own bird feeder, well done. Look out for a branch in a tree or bush and hang up your feeder and watch your garden birds come to feed.

Kristian Hickson-Booth is a horticulturalist in the Ludlow area and contributor to LGL. To watch Kristian’s video tutorial on Facebook click here.