Pulling together in Ludlow

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Written byClaire Hunte

We find ourselves in unchartered territory at the moment but, personally Lucy & I are finding it incredibly heart-warming to see neighbours, friends and the community — as a whole — pull together. Everyone is helping each other support those in a more precarious situation than themselves and it has led to a fantastic, new initiative in Ludlow called Pulling Together.

These are tough times for us all but if you are able to support local businesses in any way you can, even just by sharing this post, this will have a huge positive effect on local businesses. This support will hopefully be enough to keep them afloat during these turbulent times, enabling employees and business owners to continue to provide for their families and support our economy. We would all be dismayed to find their doors are closed when things ease a little and we require their services or simply long for the days when we would meet friends over a drink and chat about the menial things in life! Here’s how you can help:

Holidays & Hotel/B&B Bookings

Don’t cancel your holiday, hotel or B&B bookings, reschedule them. You won’t be losing any money, you will simply be postponing your holiday. You’ll be ensuring those B&Bs, hotels and tour operators will still be open when you want to stay or visit.

Hair Salons & Beauticians

Why not buy a voucher for yourself or a family member to celebrate when this is all over? There are also so many tutorials on-line to help you maintain your routine, you’ll be amazed how creative people can be!vegetables-752153_1920.jpg

Pubs, Restaurants & Cafés

Take advantage of take away services (meals and drinks) that many of our local pubs, restaurants, delis and cafés are offering. Continue to enjoy dinner with your partner or celebrate a special occasion at home with your family. Many places are also offering delivery service or volunteers may be able to help with this. We have collated a list of all the local businesses offering delivery and/or takeaway services which we continue to update regularly. Please note that many of these businesses are overwhelmed by the response and are still struggling to get their systems set up so please be patient and don’t get upset if they are currently unable to take on new customers.


It is more important than ever to stay fit, healthy and pain-free so continue to stay in touch with your therapist/practitioner.

Gym/Personal Training

Train at home or with your family. There are some great ideas online. If you can, try to take your personal training sessions outside or consider training online at home with your PT? Why not book a series of PT sessions now to redeem later.


Buying gifts for loved ones or friends is more important than ever to let them know you are thinking of them. Please continue to support local shops and markets which will be far quieter than the supermarkets! Many of our local shops are still offering online or over the phone services.

When we stick together we will come out of this stronger than before; with a much more heightened sense of community and the realisation of what’s really important in life.

Keep looking after yourselves, your neighbours and strangers!


Many ideas for this post first appeared on Facebook and have been republished with the permission of Steffi Shaw.


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