Let your dog take you for a run

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Written byMarie Yates

Canicross is a growing sport in the UK! It is cross country/trail running with dogs, where the human and canine form a team and run together.

And, it has now arrived in Ludlow! The Ludlow Runners grow is comprised of those who love running with their dogs and many other local ‘dog people’ who would love to run with their dogs. It made sense to create this group.

Ludlow Canicross Group.png

Ludlow Runners is a small, friendly running club and as with the non-canine groups, runners of all abilities are welcome. If your dog is inspiring you to start running, this group is for you!

You don’t have to be a member of Ludlow Runners to join us; the first two runs are free for non-members so please come along to find out if you and your dog enjoy the sport.

Learn the cues to run safely with your dog

If you are imagining being dragged around the local trails while you’re clinging to your dog’s lead for dear life, don’t worry! It’s not the aim of our canicross group. You’ll learn about the different cues you need and the kit that that will help you both to stay safe. It’s all about enjoying the sport!

Our aim is to slowly build fitness and stamina for you and your dog. While there’s no doubt that your dog can run, they need time to get used to the kit, build their fitness and stamina and learn a new way of running. This is significantly different to racing around a field chasing a ball.

We have three of our run leaders ready to help you as your embark on your new favourite sport: Marie, Sue and Ros have completed the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course and all three are experienced canicross runners.

Sue takes a selfie with the team

Sue takes a selfie with the team

Sue loves running with dogs, mainly because it’s a giggle-filled run and she believes it’s the best possible way to stay happy and healthy. Nobody can disagree with that! She’s a former paramedic so if you fall over, don’t worry, as soon as Sue has checked your dog is ok, she’ll be at your service!

Marie and friend on the run

Marie and friend on the run

Marie can answer your canine-related questions and will ensure that the dogs are set up to succeed. She’s the Director of Canine Perspective CIC and a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. She can often be found doing interval training with her canine running buddy — thanks to the local squirrel population.

Ros loves nothing more than running with her cocker spaniels, Daisy and Poppy. She’s the person we rely on to ensure we don’t get lost — although we have been told that routes could go via cafes and pubs — and if you’re new to running, Ros is the perfect person to be around.

Throughout 2020, we will run at 9 am, for an hour, on the first Sunday of every month at different locations, to keep life interesting. Our first session is taking place on Sunday 2 February. Please click here to find out more and to get in touch about joining us.


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