Once upon a time in Mortimer Forest

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Written byLGL Editors
Local arts organisation Storymine and Forestry England have partnered up this summer to bring a community wide art project to life in Mortimer Forest, Ludlow. The organisations have teamed up to mark the centenary of the Forestry Commission this year. The trail will be open to the public from Tuesday 20th of August 2019.
Porcelain and ceramic door handles on well known attractions around Ludlow
Porcelain and ceramic door handles on well known attractions around Ludlow
The ‘Portal/ Here and There’ project, created by Storymine, was inspired by the famous ‘Doors of Ludlow’ poster, fairy tales and folk stories, working with different partner organisations to reach the wider local community. The door handle symbolises a Portal into the lives of the residents of Ludlow and the surrounding area. Casting multiple, individual, porcelain ceramic door handles, the work explores what Mortimer Forest means to people and how it shapes their sense of belonging, identity and relationship to the area.
“A portal…into the surrounding area”
“A portal…into the surrounding area”
The project brings together the stories of local individuals, as well as former and current forestry staff, to explore the diverse community that enjoys the forest. These personal perspectives of the forest have been turned into online films linked to an installation around the Easy Access Trail from High Vinnalls car park. Amanda Dixon, Learning and Communication Officer at Forestry England said: “The project has been a great way to commemorate 100 years of forestry. The Forestry Commission was founded in 1919 to restore the nation’s woods and forests following the First World War, and the first tree planted in Mortimer was in 1923. The memories captured really show how much forestry has changed over the years and just how much the woodland means to people for many different reasons”.
A project for all ages
A project for all ages
Local artist Emma Summers from Storymine CIC adds that they were delighted to “share some of the many stories and memories of people’s connection to this beautiful space and to celebrate its unique stories”. Other local community groups have been invited to participate in hands-on workshops in the forest during September to slip cast a door handle of their own and explore the new trail with a Forestry England guide.
For more information about Storymine please visit www.storymine.org