Daisy hits the butcher’s trail in Ludlow

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Written byLGL_Admin


Daisy and the lovable Rogue

Daisy and the lovable Rogue


Daisy and I have just been out on another Ludlow ParkRun after an unavoidable six weeks hiatus. The weather held and it was an exhilarating run. Both Daisy and I got a big welcome back and it seems a few runners have read our blog, thank you!

Orvis Ludlow welcomes four legged friends

Orvis Ludlow welcomes four legged friends

During our ‘unforeseen break” we have done a bit of entertaining visitors and exploring. My sister came up from London with her pooch, Rogue (who I’m told is a Sproodle!).  We were all much amused by Daisy intentionally introducing Rogue to her personal tasty treat trail in Ludlow. 

First stop Vaughans on Kings Street (best sandwich shop in Shropshire), Daisy is always welcomed and treated to something delicious there.

Second stop in Market Square, The Silver Grill where Daisy is regularly rewarded, (even when other people walk Daisy she’s in for a treat) she seems to be able to steer her way to the van and catch the owner’s attention and a sausage too.

In Ludlow, we have three fabulous butchers, DW Walls, Andrew Francis and AH Griffiths and all are dog-friendly – much to the amazement of my London-based sister – #dogtreatenvy . In fact, our market town now has a new scheme where a sticker in the window alerts you to a dog-friendly welcome taking the guess work out of it.

Daisy loves to visit a butcher, I think it must be the most delicious cornucopia of enticing aromas for her!  A chance encounter with Mark from said Vaughans in the butcher was a great surprise for Daisy, she knew he was not in the right place but was delighted to see him, albeit a little disappointed in the lack of a treat!

From trail to ‘The Stagg’

The Stagg at Titley

The Stagg at Titley

Daisy and I took my sister further afield to The Stagg at Titley having heard great things about it.  We took an energetic circular walk from Titley, about 3.5 miles, which includes quite a few hills, but well worth it for the views. 

Daisy and Rogue ran themselves ragged in the fields (no sheep in sight) and then it was time for lunch at The Stagg which was fabulous. 

Our food was absolutely delicious, the service was great and we were all warmly welcomed, perhaps the dogs slightly more than the humans. And, after my sister and I finished our meal, both Rogue and Daisy were treated to a chicken breast to share.  Love it…they really did!

We had such a great time, it’s only 35 mins away from Ludlow and I highly recommend. I would advise to book ahead. Given our regular butcher’s trail of treats and my recent slap up meal at The Stagg, perhaps our next and only trail ought to be the Ludlow park run in Mortimer’s Forest.


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