Open art at the Artists’ Gallery (Ludlow)

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Artists at Work

Artists at Work

Now entering their second month of trading, ‘The Artists’ Gallery’ continues to celebrate a range of mediums including: wood turning, printmaking, painting, sculpture and ceramics.  Located on the Ludlow Farmshop site (formerly known as the Ludlow Food Centre), this unique pop-up art gallery is available to you until the end of December. 

As the name suggests, the gallery is being managed and run by the artists themselves, giving buyers the exciting opportunity to meet and buy directly from the makers.  The concept of the gallery was the brainchild of local wildlife artist Shelly Perkins, who sought a group of fellow creatives to join her in this exclusive opportunity to exhibit at this artisan retail site.  Through a rolling rota, one of the artists is always present at the gallery.  Their monthly rota sits on the desk in the gallery and can also be found through their social media platforms (see links below).

Danielle Flowers

Danielle Flowers

Meet the Artists

Priscilla Hann has been working as a bronze sculptor for nearly 50 years, her intricate pieces capture the essence of her subjects which range from race horses to dung beetles.

Danielle Flowers handcrafts contemporary turned home décor and accessories, utilising native timber sustainably felled from the Shropshire landscape.

Megan Evans creates environmentally led artwork by collecting litter from the natural landscape.  She uses the medium of traditional printmaking to develop ‘litter collagraphs’, adding delicate hand painted detail to finish her designs.

Jan Jay is a textile designer creating hand printed textiles for soft furnishings as well as framed prints inspired by nature and rural Britain.

Pip Jones enjoys working in watercolour and mixed media.  Her paintings are a celebration of the landscape – the light, the weather, the seasons, time of day, her feelings and mood.

Sarah Billingham creates wheel thrown pots using white earthenware clay, decorated using various techniques including painting, sponging and sgraffito.

Wood turner Kim Davis creates vessels and objects that have the clean, calm lines of a timeless form, inspired by the intrinsic beauty of wood.

Shelly Perkins‘ digital prints showcase wildlife from both rural Britain and beyond, celebrating her love of all things nature and travel and translating that into rich and vibrant works of art.

Shelly Perkins on location

Shelly Perkins on location

Open mind, Open Art

In addition to selling each others’ work, the eight artists have chosen to host ‘Open Art’ events this month and next.  These events are an invitation for other artists, makers and craftspeople to sell from The Artists’ Gallery’s warehouse space and will be taking place on Friday 22nd November, Saturday 30th November, Sunday 1st December and Friday 6th December from 10am – 5pm each day.  Showcasing a variety of work (from spinners to basket weavers, metal artists to jewellers!) these ‘Open Art’ days promise to be a visual treat, and a wonderful chance to do some unique Christmas shopping!  The Artists’ Gallery is excited to bring together a wealth of local talent, extending the opportunity for our visitors to learn about how each of the makers creates their work, and to buy direct from the artists themselves.

The Artists’ Gallery is an exciting injection of culture into the already thriving artistic community that Ludlow so successfully nurtures.  Do pay them a visit to celebrate and support these small, rural businesses while you can!

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