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Written byClaire Hunte

Homeware and gifts, check out our latest edit of things to buy from a few of our independent shops…on Corve Street.


Corve Street, home to one of Ludlow’s most famous landmarks, the Feathers Hotel, and only minutes away from the town centre. The shops on this street specialise in interiors: lighting shops, antiques, home decor, tiling, art galleries, a second hand book shop – if you’re refurbishing your home with an authentic or period feel, this is the street for you.

In true Ludlow style, you will also find a quirky, eclectic gift shop; a children’s clothing store selling beautiful and organic brands; two florists; a tattoo parlour and our best organic food store, Myriad Organics. Here’s a sampling of what’s on offer in August.


Change up your housewares with these pottery beauties by House Doctors in Danish Grey

Large bowl £21; medium £6; small £4.50. Cups £6


Gifts for the newborn baby: try Turtle Doves gorgeous booties made from recycled cashmere

sale £20


For something a little different check out the collection of jewellery, clothing and soft furnishings from India and Nepal. Rings here are from £7.50 – £10.


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