5 mins with Rachel Roddy

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Written byClaire Hunte

We’re spending five minutes with one of our favourite food writers and author, Rachel Roddy, ahead of her upcoming appearance at the Ludlow Food Festival in September. She is the first in our Ludlow Food Festival Luvvies series featuring the headliners: from local chefs and those based across the UK, artisan producers, authors, bloggers and, lovers of all things foodie.

Rachel Roddy cw; Elena Heatherwick for the Guardian.jpg

So Rachel what are you most looking forward to at Ludlow Food Festival?

Everything, I have never been to Ludlow, so I am beyond excited. Also I have long been a fan of Claire (Thomson) and Matt’s food – years ago I made my parents take a huge detour to eat at their old restaurant – so I am thrilled to be cooking a meal with them then sitting down with everyone afterwards and drinking a glass of wine or two.

What’s your top tip for seasonal produce in September?

I love late tomatoes, the ones that are so full of sun they taste boozy, I always try and put some in jars and/or make sauce for the freezer.

'Boozy tomatoes', one of Rachel's favourite things

‘Boozy tomatoes’, one of Rachel’s favourite things

What’s your best food hack/top shortcut?

Saving parmesan rinds for soup/stews, smuggling Marmite back to Rome to enrich meat stews. I should also learn to use a knife properly.

What’s your store cupboard essential/the one ingredient you couldn’t live without?

Olive oil

What’s your current favourite recipe?

I made a tomato risotto for lunch today, using water not stock, so I was worried it would be a bit bland, but it was an absolute cracker and I can’t wait to make it again, so I am going to say that.

Purchase your tickets to the Ludlow Food Festival 7, 8, 9 September here.


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